Turn Sunshine into Savings

Why pay for Electricity to utility provider when you can produce your
own? Pay the same bill amount to your Bank for next 4 years and enjoy free electricity for rest of your life.

1. No Investment
2. Up to 30 Year Warranty
3. No future electricity price increases
4. European Standard

Lanka Sunrays Solar System

Lanka Sunrays offers highly reliable Grid Tied Solar systems using high quality European Inverters and solar panels to help consumers to generate their own Electricity during the day time and feed to utility provider with excess electricity as kWh credits and in return consume electricity from utility during Night. These credits are used to offset electricity consumed by the consumer during the same billing period. At the end of the billing period if extra units arefed to the grid these can be encashed helping you earn extra income. Solar Panels offered by us carries a performance warranty of 30 Years while our Inverters
warranted for 10 years.

Our System Includes;

*High quality Crystalline Solar Panels
*Long lasting and durable European Inverters,
*European standard Mounting, Racking and Cabling system
*CEB/LECO Net metering setup and its relevant fees
*European made Grounding & Lightning protection
*Circuit breakers, cut off switches & power meter
*Installation, testing & commissioning
*3 Years after sales service

We also supply variety of European Inverters at very reasonable prices

Cybertec solar Flayer 2.cdr
Cybertec solar Flayer 2.cdr
Cybertec solar Flayer 2.cdr